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Art And Literature Quiz

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1. The 1989 film ‘The Lair Of The White Worm’ was based on a story by which author? – Bram Stoker
2. Whose first novel was ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’? – Agatha Christie’s
3. ‘The Dancing Class’ is one of many paintings about ballet dancers created by which artist? – Edgar Degas
4. Which of the following was not one of Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men? – Mr Trouble
5. Which famous novel was based on the real-life exploits of Alexander Selkirk? – ‘Robinson Crusoe’

6. Who was the subject of the biography ‘Neither Shaken Nor Stirred’? – Sean Connery
7. Whose paintings include ‘Man With A Clarinet’, ‘Still Life With Biscuits’ and ‘Woman With A Book’? – Pablo Picasso
8. In the Bible, what kind of trees grew in the Garden of Gethsemane, the scene of Christ’s agony and betrayal? – Olive trees
9. The book ‘Man And Wife’ by Tony Parsons was a sequel to which of his other books? – ‘Man And Boy’
10. ‘Jones The Steam’ is the driver of which fictional train? – ‘Ivor The Engine’

Important Art And Literature Quiz

11. Who wrote ‘Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verse’? – Rudyard Kipling
12. What famouse novel was Mark Chapman carrying when he shot John Lennon? – ‘Catcher
In The Rye’ (by J. D. Salinger)
13. Which French artist, born in 1834 was best known for his paintings of ballet dancers? –
Edgar Degas
14. Which comic book star lived in Cactusville? – Desperate Dan
15. Where in London is Charles Dickens buried? – Westminster Abbey
16. Which of the ten commandments says ‘thou shalt not steal’? The 3rd, 6th or 8th? – 8th
17. Which author wrote newspaper articles using the pseudonym Boz? – Charles Dickens
18. The novelist Mary Ann Evans wrote her books using what male name? – George Eliot
19. In which city did Anne Frank write her diary? – Amsterdam
20. According to the Bible on what day did God create the beasts of the Earth? – 5th

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