Christmas Quiz – Part 1


World Sports Quiz !!
1. How many reindeers are there? – Nine
2. What ‘M’ did Mary place the Baby Jesus in? – Manger
3. What year were electric Christmas lights invented? – 1882
4. Who was the author of the 1843 novel ‘A Christmas Carol’? – Charles Dickins
5. What Christmas decoration is an anagram of ULAEBBS? – Baubles
6. What year was the Queen’s Christmas speech first broadcast on television? – 1957
7. The Christmas tree has been a tradition in which country since 700 AD? – Germany
8. What year was the Xmas based film ‘The Gremlins’ released? – 1984
9. Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth was a duet performed by David Bowie and which
other famous singer? – Bing Crosby
10. Which sock shaped garment is an anagram of KITSGOCN? – Stocking

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