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World Sports Quiz !!
1. Who were the first company to sponsor Manchester United’s football shirts? – Sharp
2. In centimetres, what is the maximum diameter of a hockey stick? – 5 cm
3. How many red balls are used in a game of snooker? – 15
4. Who played a 1st Class innings consisting of 10 sixes, 62 fours, 4 threes, 44 twos and 93 singles? – Brian Lara
5. ‘A Man Advised’ is an anagram of which famous footballer? – David Seaman
6. What do you get if you multiply the number of hoops used in a game of croquet by the number of shots under par an albatross is in golf? – 18
7. In what year were the first Modern Olympics held? – 1896
8. What was called the Tricolore at the 1998 World Cup and the Fevernova at the 2002 World Cup? – The official football
9. Which sport would you associate with Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard and Wayne Gretzky? – Ice hockey
10. What nationality is the racing driver Mikka Hakkinen? – Finnish

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