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World Music Quiz !!
1. Which popstar was actor Emilio Estevez formerly married to? – Paula Abdul
2. How old was Elvis Presley when he had his first number one single? – 21
3. Which UK group were banned from entering the U.S. for unspecified reasons from 1965 to 1969? – The Kinks
4. In music, how was Jiles Perry Richardson better known? – The Big Bopper
5. Which record label did Sam Phillips sell Elvis Presley to in 1955? – R.C.A.
6. Which famous rock group played their first gig together at the Marquee Club in London on July 12th, 1962? – The Rolling Stones
7. Who is credited as having discovered the singer Kate Bush? – Dave Gilmour
8. How many grooves does an average vinyl long playing record have? – 2
9. Who was the lead singer in The Police? – Sting
10. Now better known as an actress, who was Britains entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 with the song ‘A Message To Your Heart’? – Samantha Janus

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