Quizzes to Improve Your Knowledge ! Books and Authors Quiz in PDF Format !!


Books and Authors Quiz !!
1. Who has written the famous book ‘The Path to Power’? – Margaret Thatcher
2. The Author of ‘Business @ Speed of Thought’ is – Bill Gates
3. Who wrote the book ‘Algebra of Infinite Justice’? – Arundhati Roy
4. ‘Freedom from Fear’ is a book written by – Aung San Suu Kyi
5. The Celebrated novel ‘The Godfather’ was authored by – Mario Puzo
6. Who wrote Fahrenheit 451? – Ray Bradbury
7. Who wrote Cat’s Cradle? – Kurt Vonnegut
8. Who wrote The Shining? – Stephen King
9. Who wrote Walden? – Henry David Thoreau
10. Who wrote Life on the Mississippi? – Mark Twain

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