Get Knowledge around the World News for 14 Mar 2018 !!


Bulletins of the Day !!

🌎 Noida-based digital payments startup Pine Labs has raised $82 million in a funding round led by Actis Capital. US-based technology focused investment firm Altimeter Capital also invested in the funding round, which reportedly valued the company at close to $1 billion.

🌎 In an effort to achieve carbon-free fusion energy, MIT is developing the world's most powerful large-bore superconducting electromagnets. The magnets will produce a magnetic field four times stronger than existing fusion experiments, enabling over tenfold increase in power.

🌎 India was the largest weapons importer in the world over the last five years, accounting for 12% of the total global imports, according to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

🌎 The 5.8 Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives is set to be converted into a yoga studio where yoga classes will be conducted, the Hurawalhi Island Resort has announced. The restaurant, which was launched in 2016, is the largest all-glass underwater eatery in the world. Interestingly, it is located 5.8 metres below the surface.

🌎 An artificial intelligence system created by Google that helped NASA detect exoplanets has now been made available to the public, who can help the agency identify new planets.

🌎 A new state immigration administration agency responsible for border control, repatriating illegal immigrants and managing foreigners and refugees would also be set up under China's Ministry of Public Security.

🌎 Researchers at Swiss university ETH Zurich have developed a four-legged robot 'ANYmal' which can dance on any song in real time. It analyses the speed of the song, plans movements in time to the music, and then checks its movements in sync to the beat. ANYmal was able to dance to Beyonce, Macklemore, and Daft Punk without missing a beat.

🌎 Iceland-based hardware technology company has developed a ring that allows users to control sound, shape effects and send commands in real-time with the motion of their hand. For example, users can move it vertically for reverb and can roll it for a delay. Called Wave, the device can be paired via Bluetooth to a computer or smart device.