Strategies to Solve Logical Reasoning In PDF (16/10/17)


Logical Reasoning Mock Test – 35 Questions and Answers
1.Who is R’s partner in a game of playing cards involving four players P, Q, R and S?
I. S is sitting opposite to P.
II. Q is sitting right of P and left of S.
A. I is sufficient
B. II is sufficient
C. I and II are sufficient
D. I and II are not sufficient
E. None of these
Answer: A. I is sufficient
Clearly, each of the given statements shows that Q is sitting opposite to R
or Q is the partner of R.
So, statement one is sufficient.2. Apple is coded as 25563, Rung is coded as 7148. Then PURPLE is coded as
A. 517563
B. 515736
C. 517536
D. 517263
E. 516763
Answer: A. 517563
A P L E R U N G ⇒
2 5 6 3 7 1 4 8
So, in PURPLE,
P is coded as 5,
U as 1,
R as 7,
L as 6,
E as 3.
Hence the correct code is 517563.

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