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🌍 Germany and US-based Astronomers have located a Star-forming region on the opposite side of the Milky Way, measuring a distance of 66,000 light-years, almost twice their own Record.

🌍 Japanese Capital City Tokyo has topped The Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index 2017, Which Ranked 60 cities on parameters including Personal and Health Security.

🌍 Europe Launched the Sixth of its Sentinel Earth Observation Satellites as part of the Multi-Billion-euro Copernicus program to monitor Volcanic ash and ultraviolet radiation.

🌍 The World's first "negative emissions" Plant that turns Carbon dioxide into carbonate rocks has begun operations in Iceland. The engineering experiment by Swiss firm Climeworks aims to capture 50 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 over a year, equalling a US household's greenhouse emission.

🌍 University of California Researchers have developed a wearable sensor that can detect harmful chemical substances, explosives, and toxic nerve agents. The device consists of an electrochemical sensor and a circuit board which can alert a smartphone on detection of hazardous substances.

🌍 NASA has completed tests for the four engines that would power the Space Launch System (SLS), the World's Most Powerful Rocket. The SLS has the largest core stage ever built including the four RS-25 engines, which previously powered 21 Space shuttle missions.

🌍 Amazon said it planned to open a new fulfillment centre in Bolton, north west England, in 2018 and will begin recruiting 1,200 permanent jobs in the latest expansion in Britain.

🌍 A grounded plane in the French commune of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef has been listed on Airbnb. The Renovated aircraft features a bedroom, a living room, a washroom and a kitchen, and is capable of accommodating up to four guests.

🌍 Aprilia has Launched new 'What The Fun' campaign for its 150cc bike, SR 150. New festive ad captures 'what the fun' moments between friends, two of whom are on their respective Aprilia, and one is lighting the cracker, Ad depicts fun time and experience riding Aprilia SR 150, inline with its philosophy designed for racers and built for riders.

🌍 Twelve Participants would be spending 30 days in bed with a Six-degree head-down tilt for a NASA Co-Sponsored study. Participants would have to shower lying down while they will be given little choice for when and what they eat, said NASA.

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