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General Knowledge Quiz
1. What does the term ‘brut’ mean when applied to wine? – Very dry
2. The abbreviation RSVP is taken from what language? – French
3. How many characters are there in the Russian alphabet? – 33
4. What is sold by a costermonger? – Fruit
5. What name is given to a leading female singer in an Opera, and is also used to describe someone who is temperamental and hard to please? – Prima Donna 6. In the game of Monopoly, what colour is Euston Road? – Blue
7. In which book of the Bible are the Ten Commandments first mentioned? – Exodus
8. By what abbreviation is the International Criminal Police Organisation better known? – Interpol
9. If Monday’s child is fair of face then what is Wednesday’s child? – Full of woe
10. Igor Sikorsky designed and flew the first practical version of what flying machine? – The helicopter

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