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Logical Reasoning Mock Test – 41 Questions and Answers
1. Arrange the given words Alphabetical Order and choose the one that comes first.
Praise, Practical, Prank, Prayer, Practies
A. Prayer
B. Practical
C. Practies
D. Prank
Answer: B. Practical
The correct order is:
Practical, Practise, Praise, Prank, Prayer
2. In a telephone directory, which of the following names will appear in the middle?
Segvan, sajewat, salwar, sajewet, sajevar
A. sajewat
B. segvan
C. sajevar
D. sajewet
E. salwar
Answer: A. sajewat
The correct alphabetical order of the given words is shown below:
Sajevar, sajewat, sajewet, salwar and segvan.

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